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Firestop Products

Protecting NE Great Lakes area construction projects

Quality Firestop Providers in IL, IN, and WI

Westmont Interior Supply House and Contractors Acoustical Supply are GMS companies and leading suppliers of residential and commercial construction supplies across the Chicago metro area, southeast Wisconsin, and northwest Indiana. 

From our construction yards in Illinois (Joliet and Westmont), Westmont Interior and Contractors Acoustical are the go-to sources for quality firestop products in your area.

Trust Us for All Your Firestop Needs

Having the right firestop products on hand helps make jobs faster, safer, and more efficient. That’s why Westmont Interior and Contractors Acoustical carry a variety of firestop and fire-rated products for both residential and commercial applications, including:

  • Firestop caulks
  • Firestop sealants
  • Firestop pillows
  • Firestop putties
  • Elastomeric firestop sprays
  • Intumescent firestop caulk
  • Liquid flashing membranes
  • Insulating foam sealants

Fire-Rated Lumber

Many local building codes require the use of lumber treated with fire-retardant materials. Fire-rated lumber has all the same applications and versatility as traditional lumber, but significant advantages in terms of safety and overall cost-efficiency.

In the event of a fire, structures built with fire-rated lumber catch or burn much more slowly, providing crucial extra time for firefighting and evacuation. With results like significant potential savings of life and resources, the benefits of using fire-rated lumber cannot be overstated.

Westmont Interior and Contractors Acoustical offer dimensional fire-rated lumber and plywood products in a variety of dimensions to meet the full range of your local construction needs.

Buy the Best Firestop Building Materials at Westmont & Contractors Acoustical

There’s a solution for all your needs when you shop for firestop products and accessories at Westmont Interior Supply House and Contractors Acoustical Supply. Our Illinois construction yards carry a full line of products from top firestop manufacturers, including:

  • Fomo™ – HandiFoam® fireblock low-pressure foam sealant, and other firestop products
  • Grabber® – intumescent firestop caulks and sealants
  • STI® – firestop caulks, acoustical sealants, putty pads, firestop collars, and other fire-blocking products
  • Titebond® – GREENchoice™ acoustical smoke and sound sealant and other firestop solutions
  • Tytan® – Fire Block Pro insulating foam sealant, and other firestop items

Firestop Products Delivered to Local Jobsites

We deliver! It’s true of the quality fire-stopping solutions we provide, and especially true when it comes to exceptional customer service. That’s why when Westmont Interior Supply House or Contractors Acoustical Supply deliver firestop products to your commercial or residential worksites in IL, IN, or WI, you can rely on us to also provide:

  • Exactly the products and accessories you need for your local building projects
  • Full stock and scatter delivery service within ~100 miles of our yards
  • Pre- and post-delivery jobsite inspections to ensure product quality
  • Access to our complete line of construction supplies
  • A company-wide focus on safety and regulatory compliance for all employees

Call us or visit one of our yard locations to get started today.

Construction Products for All Your Needs

Westmont Interior Supply House and Contractors Acoustical Supply also supply a full range of building materials including drywall, joint treatment, acoustical tiles, tools and more! Whatever your local construction jobs require, we’ve got the products you need to get it done right.